The first wedding dress appointments.

There seems to be an unnecessary pressure surrounding trying on wedding dresses. Will there be tears? Will you find ‘the one’? Trying wedding dresses on for the first time is supposed to be exciting, but I did feel nervous. What if they all looked terrible? After the first out of three appointments that day, I got into the swing of things and my apprehension subsided. But that initial feeling of stepping into the unknown meant that I needed a little encouragement.

If I have accomplished anything from the first appointments, it was to find out what I don’t want, rather than exactly what I do. However, I believe it is important to rule out the things you don’t like as soon as possible, to free up time to search for what you do want. After trying on a few clear no’s during the first appointment, I was able to go to the following appointments with a better view of the type of dress I was looking for.

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Cripps Barn Wedding Venue Review

If you read my post on shortlisting wedding venues where we used a scoring system to determine which venues we really wanted to visit, you’ll know that Cripps Barn was the overall top-scorer.

Cripps barn is based in the Cotswolds and is part of a chain of wedding venues called Cripps Venues. We were drawn to the rustic styling, informal setting and rural surroundings of this barn which is showcased idealistically on the venue’s website. However, when we stepped into Cripps Barn, it almost felt like a different venue.

Cripps Barn Ceremony Room

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Addressing the dress.

I have been advised, or shall we say told, that it is time I begin the search for my wedding dress. The overall feeling from everyone is that it I am probably going to find it difficult, and I agree.

Inside Bijoutique

There is always the worry that it is too soon to start looking, but after some positive affirmation from my bridesmaids, we set a date and I have booked the first appointment of the day. I have of course been thinking about the dress since I got engaged (although to be honest, I did create my secret Wedding Dress Pinterest board just a tiny bit before). I am mainly concerned that I won’t be able to find everything I want within one dress off the rail. Read More »

The perks of being a bride.

There are so many perks of being a bride. Aside from the obvious, of course. Assuming it will only happen once, it is surely important to embrace it.

  1. You can buy as many bridal magazines as you want

Buy yet another magazine and don’t feel guilty about it, it is an essential part of being engaged. Ideally, gather your friends and flick through the pages while clasping a large glass of wine.

  1. You can create as many wedding-related Pinterest boards as you like

Pinterest is now a necessity. Tackle it like a pro by creating a board for every part of your wedding.

  1. Attending bridal events

I will continue to attend bridal events until they will no longer let me in. I have enjoyed countless canapés, many glasses of wine and plenty of goody bags while being allowed to enter some pretty fancy hotels. Most of them are free, and you can find out about them by picking up a Brides magazine – see point 1.

Brides Blackburn Bridal event at the Corinthia Hotel

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The realities of planning a wedding.

The realities of planning a wedding are not always pretty. Planning means decisions, and decisions mean deliberation. Deliberating as a pair may sometimes incur chaos.

It used to be common to hear of the groom taking little interest in the planning process, but it is refreshing when you find out the man wants to be involved. Dan is 100% wanting to be part of every decision that needs to be made – and while he is happy for me to fill my Pinterest boards and do the creative research, he will undoubtedly put his two cent in and flip any ideas on their head. He makes me think of things differently and move my ideas forward – and even though it can prove frustrating at the time, its actually very productive. Not only would planning our wedding by myself prove difficult due to my inability to make decisions alone, it also wouldn’t be as fun as doing it together. By merging ideas, we can create something together that we can both be proud of when we present it to all our loved ones. No matter how lovely that sentiment is, it doesn’t mean it comes without its difficulties. I consider myself lucky that my fiancé wants to be as involved as I am, but like I said, planning a wedding together is not always pretty.

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Caswell House wedding venue review

Caswell house was another serious contender for the position of ‘the chosen one’. The words needed to describe it are luxurious, elegant and picturesque. From the preened gardens to the beautiful interior, there was little to fault. Plus, they have a family of ducks living in the grounds, who are just simply adorable and would make wonderful pictures if they showed up for your wedding day. Hard to resist really…

Albert Palmer Photography – Caswell House ducks
When I walk into a ceremony room, I am almost desperate for that ‘wow’ feeling. I want to feel taken aback by the beauty of the room. I realise that can seem like a lot to ask, but you can’t escape disappointment when you set your heart on something. Yes, you can dress a room up and of course you would, but shouldn’t it capture your emotions too?Read More »

Lains Barn wedding venue review

The outside of Lains Barn is beautiful. You walk underneath a floral arch to enter the garden which has a covered patio area and a lawned courtyard. The building itself is L-shaped. The long corridor-like glazed byre overlooks the courtyard and is to be used as the setting for the drinks reception, extending outside if the weather permits. The large ceremony room will transform into the wedding breakfast during your drinks reception, and again into the disco to finish off the night. The alcove seating area in the main room is sure to serve as cosy spaces for your guests in the evening. This 16th century barn has the original flagstone flooring, beams and rustic features which we loved.

Lains Barn floral arch

Details which could easily be overlooked but don’t scream perfection for me were the bridal dressing room situated at the rear and the dividers which cover the door the bride will appear from. To compensate for having no bridal suite, they have provided a room which would allow the bride and her bridesmaids to get ready in or do final touch-ups. While practical, it lacked a bit of luxury, and didn’t feel as private as it should due to its close proximity to the ceremony room. I also felt Read More »