It’s all about the money.

The next hurdle of planning a wedding is of course, money. Yes, we live in London and no, we don’t have any money. But now is certainly high-time to figure out how we will pay for our big day. We got given a ‘Wedding Fund’ pot as an engagement present. The type that doesn’t allow you to take the money back unless you smash it to pieces. Subsequently, this means we subject each other to regular ‘spot checks’. i.e. empty your wallet/purse and give up all your change. Although I rarely have change, when I do I now find myself concealing it. I love having change. Dan recently hovered my three pound coins he pulled out of my purse over the pot and said if I don’t have a reasonable excuse to keep them, say goodbye. We make sure we only put notes and gold coins in the pot as the size determines it will only serve as petty cash for the big day.

Wedding Fund Pot

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Breaking the news.

The first hurdle following our engagement was how to break the news to our families. As you are aware from my previous post, our two close friends were already in the know. The one other person who knew about Dan’s intentions was my dad. Thoughtfully, Dan went to let my dad know what he planned to do the month before we were due to set off to Iceland. More of a courtesy call, as Dan says he wasn’t traditionally asking for permission. Funny story – my dad was not available when Dan rocked up to his place unannounced after a two-hour journey early in the morning. Following a small plea on the phone, they finally sat down together after around nine hours of waiting.

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Once upon a time in Iceland.

So there we are, on a night out with each of our closest friends (who are also a couple), celebrating a birthday during one of our weekend trips, and my partner and his best friend just embraced. They embraced – in the middle of the street. That’s not to say they don’t have an unbound love for each other, but that’s weird, right? Anyway, turns out it was an odd thing to do, as it was at that moment that told his best friend his intention to propose. Now, of course this turned into an ‘everyone knows something but me’ kind of night. I couldn’t ask because deep down I didn’t want to know, and as my best friend found out the same night – I certainly couldn’t talk to her about it. Feeling silly, I mentioned it to a few of my close friends and tried not to get over-excited about it. (Read: only created ONE wedding-themed board on Pinterest)

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