Wedding dreams and nightmares

The wedding nightmares have begun already. Having dreams about something which is so important is to be expected – especially when you have plenty of time to mull over the details.

The thing is, nothing ever seems to be going right in our dreams. It’s not just me either, Dan has also had a wedding nightmare. Can we really only conjure up negative thoughts about our big day? Stresses and worries are building up and showcasing themselves in our subconscious thoughts, because we aren’t imagining happy endings. After they occurred on a few different nights, I started to think that we better take note.

They all seem to recur around the same theme – either we are running out of time, no one is ready or nothing is right. On one occasion, I dreamt that the day was suddenly here and it had started without any planning involved. Nobody was dressed or ready, one of the bridesmaids was ill and all the guests didn’t seem to care what day it was.

Dan dreamt that we had forgotten to organise important things but we didn’t have time to rectify it. He was trying to write his all-important speech on the morning of the wedding, without much success.

Even my sister is doing some worrying for us. ‘I had a dream about your wedding last night! They had made your dress wrong, but they insisted it was how you wanted it.’

In my dreams I have been ringing around frantically on the morning of the wedding trying to find people to sort out everyone’s hair, while wearing the wrong dress and surrounded by dying flowers because nothing had been planned. These nightmares are clearly triggered by insecurities. But in not one of these wedding nightmares have we actually gotten married, so I suppose that says we don’t have any worries about that part.

Time and poor planning seems to be the enemy – so if we aim for top-notch organisation with plenty of time to spare, we are sure to have little to stress about. Perfection is probably too much to ask, but unnoticeable hitches won’t be the end of the world.

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