Obsession of the month: Save the Dates

Did we make a mountain out of a molehill?

Yes, it’s likely that we did. Compared to all tasks within a wedding planning list, the creation of save the dates is most certainly classified as a molehill.

Refreshing Pinterest has become a ritual, as it does with every bride who is planning her wedding. I have a desire for everything to be unique to us – so of course, like everything else, we are DIYing our save the dates. These pre-invites will not only set the tone for our wedding stationery, but also for our wedding. Fonts, colour schemes and designs will all lead into the day itself. Minimalist or maximalist, pared back or bold – the options are endless.

Grey Loves Weddings – The Gramercy Suite

The main problem we faced is that we simply couldn’t pick a font. We may have officially mastered downloading free fonts in order to expand our options, but nailing down a type we both loved and wanted to feature throughout our wedding proved to be more difficult.

Everyone knows we are getting married, and I’m pretty sure they all know the date. But no communication about the date or the place until just a few months to go is a risky choice. For us, our off-peak date means that our guests having holidays booked or prior arrangements isn’t so much of an issue. But the point is to give everyone as much notice as possible and to build the excitement for the coming year. Everyone will be receiving their save the date with about a year to go until the wedding.

We decided to keep the information to a minimum on our save the dates. Even titling them with ‘Save the Date’ didn’t seem necessary to me. We settled with displaying our names, the date, the venue and finishing it with ‘invitation to follow’. In order to make it easier for ourselves and to keep consistency within our wedding stationery, we plan to ensure each aspect can be carried throughout everything, from save the dates to wedding invites, into place cards and thank you notes. This means copy and paste will be used liberally – so don’t fret, chances are we won’t be glued to the drawing board.

Designing our save the dates ourselves meant we also had to consider getting them printed. We decided to get them printed professionally, but when it comes to the rest of our stationery, where the quantities will be much higher, we will be printing at home.

Not only did we need to choose the paper we wanted the design printed on, but we also needed to consider the envelopes. While I would love to have luxury bespoke envelopes in our desired colours, I don’t think it’s worth spending the same amount on them as the invites. They aren’t the main feature and they are bound to be ripped open and thrown away. Why put money into something that will most likely go unnoticed? I’m sure I will be repeating this rhetorical question more than once through our decision making.

Here are a few of my favourite free fonts which can be used for wedding stationery.

Pretty Wedding Paper calligraphy fonts


Designer Blogs Studio free fonts




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