A year has passed.

So a year has officially passed since we got engaged. On the 13th December 2015 we were in the beautiful country of Iceland celebrating our engagement.

A whole year has gone by and wedding-wise, not much has changed. Yes, we have a date, and we have a venue. But other than that, we don’t have a lot else. At the moment, we still have over a year until the wedding. Come February, I am pretty certain I’ll start panicking slightly. Up until now however, I have felt pretty chilled.


Now that it’s the dire beginning of 2017, we are being reminded that our wedding is now next year, while being asked the question, ‘how much planning have you done?’ more than once. While it is a valid question, the reply of course is that we haven’t done much. But hey, there’s still plenty of time, right?

With the wedding venue reminding us that our year-before deposit is nearly due, it’s all starting to seem a bit real. If I don’t make a to-do list soon I might start twitching.

Reaching for our thoughtfully gifted wedding planner, making a to-do list won’t be the hard part. It’s time to create the 12-months-to-go plan. Here is a rather broad outline of the things we need to think about over the next few months.



To be sent out a year before, we are giving ourselves over a month to design, print and send our save the dates. To be able to settle on a design, we need to decide on the colours we want to feature throughout our wedding, as well as the overall style. Cue much deliberation.


Seasonal is key to a more affordable bunch of flowers, so we will be spending a very early Saturday morning going to visit the beautiful blooms at Covent Garden flower market, and an equally early Sunday morning at Columbia Road flower market.


We have had the horrible task of selecting menus and going for complimentary tastings with our venue’s available caterers, of which there were three available to choose from. We were just informed by our venue that another caterer has been added to their portfolio. Must we really have another delicious 3 course meal with canapés? Must we?! More options also mean more decisions, but I’m sure we’ll survive the ordeal.

It has become clear that anything we focus on for our wedding becomes an obsession. Therefore, I am starting a new series called: Wedding Obsession of the Month. Now you can be right by my side as I overthink everything.


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