Addressing the dress.

I have been advised, or shall we say told, that it is time I begin the search for my wedding dress. The overall feeling from everyone is that it I am probably going to find it difficult, and I agree.

Inside Bijoutique

There is always the worry that it is too soon to start looking, but after some positive affirmation from my bridesmaids, we set a date and I have booked the first appointment of the day. I have of course been thinking about the dress since I got engaged (although to be honest, I did create my secret Wedding Dress Pinterest board just a tiny bit before). I am mainly concerned that I won’t be able to find everything I want within one dress off the rail. As I studied fashion design, there will always be the thought – is this something I could do myself? Although I plan on designing and creating pretty much all of the other aspects of our wedding, including the bridesmaid dresses, I can’t help but think that making my own wedding dress a step too far. I certainly wouldn’t be able to create anything to the standards of which you can buy, but I know that my design brain will kick in when looking at dresses.

I figured, that these initial wedding dress appointments will give me a sense of whether I will be able to actually find something without having to a) make it myself, or b) have someone make it for me – potentially a very expensive choice. Will I need to fulfil a desire to adapt or add to something I find?

Describing my plan for an inspirational dress shopping experience to my sister, it is fair to say she wasn’t completely on-board. ‘I can already tell that the next 18 months are going to be about inspiration rather than actually making any decisions. You are going to properly look for a dress at these appointments aren’t you?’ Her saying that make me realise that I should be using the time I have to its full potential.

I filled Dan in on the plan to begin looking for a wedding dress with caution – would he think it was crazy to start so soon? ‘No, it’s not too soon at all. I’ve seen you try and pick an outfit for work.

Without prompting, he continued to dig himself a hole.

I am so glad I don’t have to do that with you. There are enough things that we have to decide on together. You’re going to be a bleeding nightmare.

With a look of mock-shock on my face, I can’t say he doesn’t make a valid point…


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