Caswell House wedding venue review

Caswell house was another serious contender for the position of ‘the chosen one’. The words needed to describe it are luxurious, elegant and picturesque. From the preened gardens to the beautiful interior, there was little to fault. Plus, they have a family of ducks living in the grounds, who are just simply adorable and would make wonderful pictures if they showed up for your wedding day. Hard to resist really…

Albert Palmer Photography – Caswell House ducks
When I walk into a ceremony room, I am almost desperate for that ‘wow’ feeling. I want to feel taken aback by the beauty of the room. I realise that can seem like a lot to ask, but you can’t escape disappointment when you set your heart on something. Yes, you can dress a room up and of course you would, but shouldn’t it capture your emotions too?

Caswell House has two rooms which are available for your ceremony, the one you choose will depend on your numbers. Joslins Barn is the smaller option and can seat up to 75 guests, whereas Wenmans Barn is suitable for between 75-125. They even have an outdoor option, and you can get married under the Loggia with 60-120 guests. Wenmans Barn would become your main space for the day. It is where the wedding breakfast will be served and where the disco will be held in the evening. I liked that we could use the smaller ceremony room to get married in, then move through to the central bar area for the drinks reception before heading to Wenmans Barn for the wedding breakfast. Unfortunately, even though it is a lovely space, I didn’t quite get the ‘wow’ feeling I was after from the ceremony room. I loved the idea of wrapping the beams with twinkling fairy lights and placing flickering candles along the aisle and within the small alcoves that sit alongside the doors. The glazed side lets in plenty of light and the light stone walls provide a rustic atmosphere. The only thing I would say needed updating would be the curtains which frame the doors at the end of the ceremony room. While they are neutral, they seemed a little outdated and also slightly marked. Something more modern would instantly lift the room – don’t rule it out based on this, as they may even update it before your wedding! Overall, it is a beautiful room to get married in, but it didn’t blow me away. Even though it may seem like I’m being unrealistic, I have to say the wow feeling was present at the venue we have chosen. I also heard the actual word ‘wow’ escape from the mouths of those who visited it with us… Just saying.

Caswell House accommodation
When we visited Caswell House, they were in the process of developing a new wedding suite and bridal dressing room. Overall, there are 7 en-suite double rooms alongside the wedding suite, making room for 14 guests. We wanted a few more of our wedding party to stay at the venue, so the accommodation was one of the reasons we didn’t opt for Caswell House for our wedding. I was sad to leave behind the luxurious rooms and absolutely beautiful bridal suite, which I know would be so lovely to get ready in as well as stay the night.

The grounds of Caswell House would certainly be an impressive backdrop for your special day. You can create idyllic pictures in the blossoming garden, stood on the bridge over the moat or underneath the draped trees.

Caswell House Wenmans Barn large ceremony and wedding breakfast room
If we decided to go with Caswell House for our wedding, I would have had no problem trusting them with all aspects. The staff were warm and welcoming and prepared for all requests and situations.


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