Old Luxters Barn wedding venue review

Up a winding hill and overlooking a vineyard, the drive towards this Henley-on-Thames wedding venue is very picturesque. We were late for our appointment at Old Luxters Barn, and we felt terrible. While undeserved, we were offered a cup of tea along with some biscuits which we graciously accepted.

The winding path on the way down from Old Luxters Barn

Source – own photograph

Old Luxters Barn consists of one area, so while the price of the venue is really reasonable, the addition of a marquee is recommended to ensure smooth running of the day and to provide shelter and warmth if necessary. Although it is seemingly normal to move guests in and out of the main room during a wedding, in this case they would need to head outside and across the courtyard. If we were to have a marquee, we know that we would want the most luxurious one – it has a log-burner at its centre – and unfortunately the upgrade comes with a hefty price tag.

Old Luxters Barn marquee

Source – Old Luxters Barn

We were keen on the onsite accommodation available – the Old Luxters Farmhouse which sleeps up to 12 people would be available for our use. The bride and groom would stay in the pool house suite, and all guests could enjoy the hot tub and sauna – which is an absolute bonus. Realistically speaking however, there wouldn’t be enough room for all the people we would want to stay onsite in the farmhouse.

Old Luxters Barn

Source – own photograph

Even though the main hire price was considerably lower than everything we had seen, the additions such as the marquee and costs like the expensive ceremony set-up fees and highly priced corkage charge meant it became much more expensive.

Lesson learnt: Make sure you find out whether there will be any additional costs which need to be taken into account.


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