The first of many big decisions.

The first decision has been made. The venue has been chosen and a date has been selected. Loved ones? Pencil it in the diaries! Readers? You may want to make a note anyway, it’s a pretty important day. I really felt the gravity of the decision when we were choosing a date for our wedding. Not only do you need to factor in things like weather, flowers, availability and your guests, it is also worth considering the fact that this date will forever be your wedding anniversary. Plus, how does it sound? Does it sound good?


We were initially leaning towards a date in mid-February, until my mum pointed out how close it was to the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day – we hadn’t even realised. While it isn’t exactly a deal breaker, I was trying to be practical in considering the fact that flowers may be more expensive around that time, as well as holidays – what if we want to go away for our wedding anniversary? So, after another date reshuffle, we finally decided on a day towards the end of February 2018.

So now that we’ve chosen the date and picked our wedding venue, what happens now? It is daunting to think about all the decisions we have to make from now until our wedding day. But I’m utilising what I call bite-sized wedding planning. We do not have 101 things to do, we only have the next thing. Certainly seems manageable, don’t you think?

Until we figure out a plan of action – and make a very long list – I am going to review some of the venues Dan and I visited during our wedding venue search. I hope that my venue-hunting insight helps some of you consider things you may not have thought about in your own searches. Look out for my wedding venue reviews in the following posts.


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