Google and weddings go hand in hand.

I cannot be on my own when I admit that I turn to Google for advice. Google is not my friend, but I am looking to it for answers. It seems that my poor decision-making skills are on the rise, and Google is taking the brunt of my wedding-related queries. With such a minefield of information at my fingertips, I cannot help but to Google every uncertainty I can think of.


My trick, or my downfall some may say, is to consider all possible outcomes of a decision. After realising that December and November weren’t going to work for us as a date for our wedding, we starting considering the following February. Cue multiple variants of searches surrounding weddings in February.

wedding anniversary near valentines day
wedding anniversary close to valentines day
when do roses bloom?
february wedding flowers
should I have my wedding in february?

I think it is clear to say that I am searching to validation. My family and friends will most likely be the first to say that I need to be told that what I’m doing is the right thing to do. I’ll ask them once, I’ll ask them twice, then I’ll ask them if they are sure it is the right thing to do.

A recent example of a Google search: is it a good idea to have a wedding close to Valentine’s Day? After receiving lots of highly romanticised, heart-themed weddings, I decided to take a different approach. I swapped the good for the bad. I was then confronted with an instant change in perspective, and the once ’10 reasons to get married on Valentine’s Day’ was altered to: ‘5 reasons not to get married on Valentine’s Day’. Funnily enough, no one is discussing the days surrounding Valentine’s Day, and whether they are a good idea. So I suppose I’ll have to make that decision without Google’s help.

I have to admit, it got a little silly when I starting searching for the weather in February 2018. Spoiler alert: it returned no results.

Though it may sometimes get out of hand, there is a reason I will continue to use Google as a tool throughout my wedding planning process. The wedding industry is one which shares, and Google means we are able to find the answer to that niggling question almost instantly. As a wedding blogger, my aim is to share my insight into the world of weddings with those who want to hear it, and I hope that other Googlers can find the answers they need through me, just as I will search for validation through them. Thank goodness for Google.

Other recent searches include:
When do you have wedding cake?
When do you serve wedding cake?
When does a wedding cake get served?
Wedding flowers hayfever
Should you have canapés at a wedding?

The list will go on.


2 thoughts on “Google and weddings go hand in hand.

  1. You go girl! Google was THE #1 tool I used when planning my wedding. I’m helping 2 of my cousins plan their weddings now and also a couple friends’ weddings too. (Can you tell I’m obsessed? Why do you think I decided to start my own wedding planning blog?) Anyways, the other day, my cousin asked me what to put in their bathroom baskets and I was like, “I can’t remember all of it. Let’s ask Google!” So I thought your post was totally funny and right on!
    Love your blog! Good luck with the picking the date! (If you haven’t already) Winter Weddings can be so gorgeous! I’m not overly romantic so I’m not mushy gushy for the V-day thing but it’s YOUR day. Do whatever you want!


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