Types of wedding venues

There are so many kinds of wedding venues available, making choosing one to get married in a rather daunting prospect. It’s really about trying to figure out what would make it special for you, and deciding what represents both your likes and style the most. They say that a couples’ wedding day is a reflection of them, which is why it is important to be true to yourselves when planning each aspect.

From farm houses to castles and stately homes to waterside locations, the breadth of choice is astounding. Depending on who you are as a couple, it is simply a question of what you would feel comfortable in. You certainly wouldn’t want to feel like you didn’t belong somewhere on your wedding day!

Exclusive, all-in-one venues are becoming increasingly popular. They eliminate the need for travel during the day and are ideal for those who are opting for a civil ceremony instead of a church wedding. Less time moving from one location to another means more time celebrating and one less thing to organise.

This post from Bridal Guide breaks down the pros and cons of the most popular venues really well, while this page from Hitched categorises the types of wedding venues available in a simple format for easy browsing.

Old Luxters Barn located near Henley-on-Thames.

Turns out barn wedding venues are right up both our streets. Having already quickly decided that we wanted a winter wedding, it was clear that this type of venue was going to fit in well. The buzz words on our list were cosy, rustic, relaxed and atmospheric – and doesn’t that just slot alongside a barn venue perfectly? Flagstone floors, wooden beams, exposed brick walls – we loved every bit. For us, anything too grand just wouldn’t feel right, and barns seem to have a stylish laid-back vibe we just couldn’t ignore. We didn’t want to draw too much away from our everyday, so we thought it was best to not go overboard on everything, and that includes the venue.

Although people may have initially thought the following, we aren’t talking about a breezy wooden shed without heat or light. The barns available for wedding hire have the outer shell of a fairytale and the internal workings of a well-oiled machine. Think underfloor heating and up-lighters all hidden behind a building worthy of Graded listing.

I was putting a lot of pressure on finding ‘the one’, and consequently, I found myself worrying that what we saw wasn’t enough, that it needed to be more than it already was. When voicing my worries to a friend, she kindly put me in my place. She said that the venue is only a small part of what your wedding day will be, as the rest is what you make it. My sister also said that people will probably be paying more attention to the important things, such as the dress. If I continue to think something better is around the corner, we will never choose a venue. The pressure of the perfect place took over my initial instinct, which was clear when we were both walking around a venue while silently telling each other that we love it. The ‘what ifs’, came when we arrived home. My advice? Go for a second viewing.


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