Tis’ the season to be married.

How to choose a wedding date

One of the first questions you will be asked when you announce your engagement to the world is when your wedding will be. Those of you who are quick off the mark and have a date pencilled in sharpish won’t have to worry about answering the, ‘Have you set a date?’ question for too long. But my fellow indecisive people will know how tricky it is to come up with a reason as to, ‘Why not?’ Is being busy really a valid point?

Anyway, what’s the rush? We should be enjoying our time being engaged to each other, rather than forcing decisions for the big day. That’s why we have given ourselves around 2 years until our proposed wedding date. (Although that still seems a little soon, don’t you think?)

It’s not that we don’t have an idea of a date in mind. We were both drawn to the idea and atmosphere of a winter wedding. Winter had always meant more to us – we met in winter, both our birthdays are in winter and our anniversary is in winter. December 7th 2017 will be 10 years after our first date. We thought that this sentiment was the perfect foundation for our wedding day. 

However, for us everything happens at once. Like I said, all of our celebrations pretty much occur in the same month. So practically speaking, it seemed silly to add another celebration into the mix, seeing as we can actually choose when this one occurs. So, although disheartened, we decided to move the timeframe to November. With more flexible timing in mind, we don’t have to worry too much when a venue becomes booked up in the month we originally decided on.

Not only is winter a cheaper time of year to get married – hello off season – it also has less expectations. The British weather is so unpredictable; therefore I believe that having a winter wedding will take the pressure of ‘perfect wedding weather’ away. I would be so disappointed if the weather wasn’t beautiful during my summer wedding due to high expectations – it is the reason people choose the season itself. That’s not to say I don’t want brilliant weather for my day, and even though it will supposedly be cold, (fingers crossed for strangely warm November weather everyone) I am determined to have picturesque photos outside.

I am an easily flustered person, and it takes time for me to cool down. To be honest, a summer wedding scares due to my fears of sweating through my dress or losing my makeup before I even step foot on the aisle. 

So here is what I recommend for you when choosing the time of year and month you want to get married. Is there a particular season you love? What other important dates surround the time you have in mind?

Next question is the day of the week you want your wedding. There may be outside factors to consider such as when your guests will be able to attend, but it is worth thinking about a day other than the most popular of them all, Saturday. We have picked a Friday as it isn’t too unreasonably week-day, and it also isn’t as expensive as a Saturday. Another upside is a long weekend for you and your guests – who can say no to that?

At the end of the day, the more open you are to different times the better. If you pick a summer month, think fast. Whereas autumn and winter months tend to be selected less frequently. It seems there is no time too soon either, I saw a few dates in a planner’s diary which were in 2019 – maybe they were the idealistic couple who knew exactly what they wanted. 

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