Breaking the news.

The first hurdle following our engagement was how to break the news to our families. As you are aware from my previous post, our two close friends were already in the know. The one other person who knew about Dan’s intentions was my dad. Thoughtfully, Dan went to let my dad know what he planned to do the month before we were due to set off to Iceland. More of a courtesy call, as Dan says he wasn’t traditionally asking for permission. Funny story – my dad was not available when Dan rocked up to his place unannounced after a two-hour journey early in the morning. Following a small plea on the phone, they finally sat down together after around nine hours of waiting.

We still had to inform the rest of our family and friends and little did I know, Dan had that covered as well. We both agreed that we wanted to wait and tell our families face-to-face. The recent gift of a GoPro meant it wasn’t a surprise that Dan wanted to make a film of our holiday. His idea was to edit the video with a surprise twist at the end, so we could shock our unsuspecting families. Set to music, the video shows the highlights of our trip to Iceland, and ends as Dan drops to one knee just as the screen turns to black. After a few seconds, a final clip shows an emotional piece of footage where we present our engagement to the camera.

With the almost-cruel video created, we planned to break the news of our engagement to each family on Christmas Eve. Sadly, we were spending Christmas apart, but this way we were able to tell everyone at the same time, in the same way. As you can imagine, their reactions were priceless, and of course, we caught it all on film. Horrible, I know. From stunned silences to incontrollable cursing – one of the best reactions was from my Grandma, ‘I need to buy a hat!’

Breaking the news – Our engagement in Iceland

As soon as you tell people, you can be sure there will be questions coming your way. ‘Have you set a date?’ and ‘Where will you have the wedding?’ are among a few we certainly couldn’t answer. Four months down the line, we still don’t have an answer. With regards to wedding planning and date-setting, we have actually been overtaken by people who got engaged after us. I am dumbfounded by how quickly they have made so many decisions. How can they possibly have explored all the options? There is always something happening, something to attend or something to pay for – how do people find the time?

It is not a race, but if it was, slow and steady wins – right?


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