Once upon a time in Iceland.

So there we are, on a night out with each of our closest friends (who are also a couple), celebrating a birthday during one of our weekend trips, and my partner and his best friend just embraced. They embraced – in the middle of the street. That’s not to say they don’t have an unbound love for each other, but that’s weird, right? Anyway, turns out it was an odd thing to do, as it was at that moment that told his best friend his intention to propose. Now, of course this turned into an ‘everyone knows something but me’ kind of night. I couldn’t ask because deep down I didn’t want to know, and as my best friend found out the same night – I certainly couldn’t talk to her about it. Feeling silly, I mentioned it to a few of my close friends and tried not to get over-excited about it. (Read: only created ONE wedding-themed board on Pinterest)

The previous year, I took us to Barcelona. So as a birthday present, Dan booked us a holiday to Iceland. Interesting fact – we share the same birthday, exactly a year apart bar a few hours I believe. Therefore, we have done joint birthday activities for as long as we have been together. To me, Iceland seemed like prime time to pop the question – however I could only speculate, and I was never 100% sure. The thought of engagement populated my mind during the months up until our holiday to Iceland. I even selected a white North Face jacket for the occasion – appropriate, no?

Looking back, there were so many signs. But it seems, without any conscious prompting to pull myself together, I managed to become oblivious as soon as we set off on our trip. Despite imagining how it would happen in the time leading up to Iceland, I can’t recall wondering when it might happen, or even how. I do remember thinking that I would have to go back to my friends and claim that I was in fact being silly, and that nothing had happened. Maybe I was overwhelmed by how beautiful Iceland is, or just too busy with our itinerary to be thinking about it. Therefore, even though I highly suspected he was going to propose, when he dropped to one knee in front of Gullfoss, the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen and said those four little words, I was genuinely shocked.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 22.34.40

I have a track record of being drawn to all that sparkles. Aged around two and a half, I boldly approached a total stranger and asked to try on her diamond rings. With this in mind, I have to say that he did very well. Better than I ever could have hoped for. But at that moment in time, it felt very odd to be wearing an engagement ring. Not only did I have to take both pairs of gloves off (it was that cold), but I went almost instantly shy. Shy of what? Who knows. All I know is when someone you have been with for that long surprises you to that extent, it truly is something wonderful.


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