The beginning.


Welcome to West Bride Story. If you’re reading this, then thank you – I really appreciate not talking to myself. If you were looking for content relating to love-struck Italian-Latino lovers then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. I have been pondering what the first blog post should be about, and I’ve decided that it’s probably best to just introduce myself and my new blog.

My name is Steph, I am aged 25 and I live in a little flat in London with my fiancé Dan. I studied fashion design at university, moved to the office world of retail and I constantly crave crafts – enter a DIY Bride. I love lists, but not as much as I love ticking things off said lists. I am very indecisive – I usually need other people to sign off on the decisions I need to make. From anything such as selecting which chocolate to buy to more weighted decisions, it has always been a struggle. As you can imagine, I had a hell of a time deciding on a name for this wedding blog, but it turns out the answer was staring me in the face all along.

West Side Story
by Rose Blake

Hung on the wall in my flat is a movie poster I bought at the 2015 Film4 Summer Screen festival of the film, West Side Story. This limited edition screen print is from the very talented, Rose Blake, which you can still purchase here. While the pun is appropriate and the ‘story’ for me has just begun, the ‘West’ part is also relevant as I was born and bred in Bristol. Clever, no? (Unfortunately, I have to give credit to Dan for this name, who mainly laughed at all my feeble attempts.)

With my first post out of the way, we can delve into the good stuff. I am aiming to share all that happens between now and my wedding day. Without much of a plan, I’m just hoping that whatever I do can help you make your decisions, whether they are big or small.


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